Propane vs Natural Gas Grills

by BBQ Expert on January 19, 2012

After comparing between Charcoal vs Gas grills, you have decided to go for a gas grill. Good choice! But now you are torn between natural gas grill vs liquid propane gas grills. Which one is the best?

Where to start?
Let’s figure out what type of gas grill is right for you.

Indoor Grilling or Outdoor BBQ?

Are you going to grill outdoor? Do you plan to travel frequently with your grill? If you need portability, Liquid Propane (LP) gas grills are the way to go. Natural gas grills are for those who love to cook comfortably inside their kitchen.

Type of Gas Available

The next thing you will want to look at is if you have a Natural Gas supply or will have to use Propane Gas. You may wonder what exactly the difference is between the two of those choices. Natural gas is a type of heating service that is not offered in all areas, but is usually the most convenient choice. If you have a natural gas supply this means that you have a continuous supply that is given by your local utility company. Liquid propane gas is stored in a bottle located on your property that you need to purchase. They come in many sizes of bottles.

Heat Generation

Propane gas grill generate almost double the heat in terms of BTU (British thermal units) when compared to natural gas grills. If you are mostly cooking vegetables, fish and grilling chicken then this may not be a very important factor. However if you are grilling red meat regularly, you know it is the heat that gets steaks and red meat, crisp on the outside and pink on the inside.


Since natural gas generates roughly half the temperate when compared to LP gas, the fuel consumption is high in natural gas grills. However since it costs way less (roughly 1/3rd) than propane, the natural gas will save you money.

Whichever option you choose you can feel confident that you have made the best possible decision that you could for your family and eating needs.

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